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Breast Pumps

The Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps Through Insurance Online

Lucina Care is an innovative website which was designed to promote, inform, and support breastfeeding moms.  By logging on to moms can find breastfeeding tips, purchase top rated breast pumps and accessories, and find much needed support from professionals and experienced moms alike.

The best breast pumps recommended by Lucina Care experts

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter Set

Medela Pump In Style® Advanced (PNSA) Double Breastpump is a personal use electric breastpump that includes 2-Phase Expression technology and is capable of single and double pumping.

Insurance Plans – Medela


Melodi Advanced Breast Pump  combines hospital grade strength in an innovatively sleek design.  This pump can be discreetly transported and once programmed will remember moms' preferred comfort settings.

Insurance Plans - Aetna, POMCO (Rental)


Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump is the only breast pump to receive endorsement from La Leche League International.  Known for its hospital grade performance, they Hygeia breast pump has been designed for long term frequent pumping.  It is a double electric breast pump built to perform.

Insurance Plans - Aetna


Rumble Tuff designed their breast pump in a variety of sizes and power options so you can choose the one that best fits premium desktop size, a computerized program to individual adjustment options in our Rumble Tuff breast pumps, the choice is always yours.

Insurance Plans - Aetna, POMCO


The Spectra breastpump is a comfortable and effective breast pump. Its efficiency and quality has been trusted by many moms across the nation and have an unparalleled reputation in the market in comparison to other manufacturers. Spectra personal care essentials have never failed to amaze the mothers with their qualitative s2 and s9 breast pumps that offer comfortable and super efficient breast feeding experience.

Insurance Plans - Aetna


The Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump has a one-of-a-kind three customizable pump setting allows mom more comfort while maximizing milk production.  Lansinoh Affinity Pro was also designed to guarantee that no milk will back up in the tubing. 

Insurance Plans - Aetna


The Freemie Independence Mobile Handsfree Pump is designed for hands-free single or double pumping and includes the electric Freedom pump with smoothly adjustable suction, two 8-oz concealable collection cups (16-oz capacity total), Hands Free Collection Cups (25mm size)  and one Freemie Freedom Connection Kit.

Insurance Plans - Aetna, POMCO

Ameda Mya

The Ameda Mya is a breakthrough hospital strength portable breast pump that is compact without compromise. Mya is small, super lightweight, ultra-quiet, and can be operated by a rechargeable battery. Mya offers moms a convenient, safe, discreet way to provide their babies vital nutrition with a new level of freedom. Whether it’s work, travel, running errands, or just having a night out, Mya is the easiest way to pump on-the-go.

Insurance Plans – Aetna

Is your healthcare insurance on the list for breast pump insurance?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is now law!  This means the all moms can continue to live an active lifestyle and provide their infant with the best source of nutrients and antibodies only found in breast milk.  Lucina Care has compiled a list of approved insurance companies that have already partnered us and are pledging their support towards breastfeeding initiatives.  Is your healthcare insurance on the list?  Please call us if you have any questions about your insurance coverage and we will contact your provider on your behalf.