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Melodi One Advanced Breast Pump

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The Melodi One Advanced Breast Pump

This is a Hospital Grade performance breast pump that has been designed just for you, whose strength and cycling technology has allowed to give highest level performance in a sleek, compact and comtemporary device.

Compact size and mobility – store multiple pumps in a fraction of the space in all units; the Melodi can be set on a surface, attached to an IV pole, mounted to a rolling stand, or attached to a bed Lucina Care is proud to present the Melodi One  Breast Pump. This is truly an innovative product created to provide superior support to breastfeeding mothers and lactation professionals in all settings. It is the next generation of breast pumps.  The Melodi One Breast pump features the following technology breakthroughs:

  • SS logic software- the first to truly mimic a baby’s sucking pattern. Our program uses two phases as well as a simulation of the swallow and breathing pause present during breastfeeding. This pattern may facilitate additional let downs and overall breast milk volume.
  • Closed Systemframe.
  • Long life battery- allows for a full day’s use. Supports  four - 30 minute sessions without access to a power source.
  • Smooth, sealed case makes cleaning pumps quick and efficient.
  • Built in Shabbat Mode
  • LCD Screen shows timer, battery life, strength level, date, and mode.


Battery Life: 6 to 8  hour power retention, 2 consecutive running hours. 
Weight: 17 oz. Dimensions: width = 85 mm , height =155 mm , length =100 mm . 
Warranty: 1 year
Pressure range 80 - 250 mmHg, CPM range 40 - 62 CPM.
Two phase pumping.
Power Spec: 9 V, 1 A

Closed system pumping