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Breastfeeding Resources for New Moms

We welcome you and your baby to the Lucina Care Family

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    The Best Breast Pumps

    Lucina Care has sourced the best breast pumps for you. We ensure that your insurance plan provides the most suitable breast pump and accessories for your pumping success


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    Information you can use

    Being a first time mom is equally the most rewarding time and the most frightening time of your life. At Lucina Care we get that and can offer some beginner's tips and experienced insights in equal measure.


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    Customer Service

    Lucina Care is proud to offer a high level of customer service that will help you to make the right choices for your needs.  We are just a call or click away.

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    Join Us

    When you order your breast pump through Lucina Care you become part of the Lucina Care family.  Please feel free to call our staff with you breast pump related questions. 

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