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Zomee Z2 with Silicone Hands Free Cups

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With our Silicone hand-free collection cups, pumping has never been better. With these cups and our most recent breast pump, you may pump hands-free while moving around. The Z2, which is strong and portable, offers Stimulation, Expression, and 2-Phase modes of pumping. Our Collection Cups are the ideal hands-free nursing option, whether you're wanting to bottle-feed your baby, enhance your milk supply, or stock up on food for the freezer. This addition to the breastfeeding practice will be welcomed by mothers.

What's in the Hands free collection cups box:

2 - Silicone Hands-free collection cups
2 - 24mm insert funnel
2 - 28mm breast shield
2 - Air tubes
2 - Diaphragm caps
2 - Diaphragms
2 - Duckbill valves


What's in the Zomee Z2 box?

1 - Pump motor
1 - USB power cable
1 - AC adapter 120-240V
2 - Pump bodies
2 - Diaphragms
2 - Diaphragms cover caps
4 - Duckbill valves
2 - 24mm breast shields
2 - 28mm breast shields
2 - Standard neck adapters
2 - 26" tubes
2 - 140ml Zomee bottles
2 - Bottle nipples
2 - Bottle caps
2 - Bottle base stands

Z2 Features:

· Hospital-Grade Strength

· 2 year warranty

· Double Electric Breast Pump

· 3 Modes and 19 Suction Levels

· 9 Levels of Expression Mode, 5 Levels of Stimulation Mode, and 2 Levels of 2-Phase Mode

· Single or Double Pumping Capability

· LCD Screen and Nightlight

· Hygienic Anti-Backflow System

· 2 Hours + Internal Rechargeable Battery

· Portable

· BPA and Phthalate Free

Silicone Hands Free Collection Cups Features:

· The soft silicone flanges lays smoothly on the breast increasing comfort

· BPA and Phthalate Free

· 2 size options for a better fit – 24mm and 28mm

· Hands-Free

· 8-ounce capacity

· Easy pour spout