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Why do I need a prescription (Rx) to order a breast pump through insurance?

Each insurance company issues their own guidelines for claim approval/denial.


United Health Care:  Lucina Care requires all UHC members (commercial and Medicaid) to have a prescription or doctor’s order in the mother's name for a double electric breast pump.  

Please place your order first, and then you can choose to upload or fax the Rx with your order number and name noted on it. Our secure fax number is 1-800-961-4859. If you do not supply us with your Rx, we will contact the doctor listed on your order form to obtain it. For Medicaid insurance you need to request a prescription from your doctor yourself.  

Tricare or UHC Military: Lucina Care requires a prescription in mothers name stating baby in NICU for all Tricare members. If your baby is not in NICU, Tricare will not cover you for a breast pump.

POMCO and Humana: Members are not required to send a prescription for purchase pumps.If your baby is in NICU and you wish to get the hospital grade rental breast pump then you need to attach a doctor’s note with your order or fax it. It should state mother’s name and baby in NICU.   

Aetna:  Members are not required to submit a prescription. 


How Can I upload my Prescription?

You can upload the prescription from your computer when you sign up OR if you don't have your prescription to hand then you can upload it later from your customer dashboard.  Or fax it to us at 1-800-961-4859

When am I eligible to receive a breastpump?

Once coverage is verified, and we have your perscription (if your plan calls for one) we can ship one month prior to the baby’s birth.  

When will my pump be shipped?

Your order will be “queued” upon our receiving it.   We will update the status when your Rx is received, and when coverage verification is completed.   We are only able to ship the pump within one month of your baby’s birth. So, order early to secure your order but remember that you won't receive it until the last month of your pregnancy.

When should I place my order?

If you are planning on breast feeding you can order anytime.  

What kind of breast pump do I qualify for?

Please contact your insurance company for specific plan benefits.   Generally, the majority of plans that participate in the Affordable Care Act qualify most members for a single patient use double electric breast pump.  Your coverage will be verified and compared to your pump choice during processing.   A Lucina care representative will contact you if regarding your pump choice if needed.  Please see our order form for the most current pumps offered.

 United Health Care and Oxford:  

  • Lansinoh Affinity Pro double electric breast pump
  •  Rumble Tuff double electric breast pump
  • NUK double electric breast pump


  • Lansinoh Affinity Pro double electric breast pump
  • Rumble Tuff double electric breast pump
  • NUK double electric breast pump
  • Hygeia Enjoyee
  • Melodi One

Medicaid/ Community Plan:

  • Lansinoh Affinity Pro double electric breast pump
  • Rumble Tuff double electric breast pump
  • Melodi One
  • Hygeia Enjoyee
  • NUK double electric breast pump


  • Melodi One (Rental, For NICU babies only)


  • Lansinoh Affinity Pro double electric breast pump
  • Rumble Tuff double electric breast pump
  • NUK double electric breast pump
  • Melodi One (Rental, for NICU babies only)


  • Lansinoh Affinity Pro double electric breast pump
  • Rumble Tuff double electric breast pump
  • Melodi One (Rental, for NICU babies only)

Note: Single patient use pumps are non-refundable, please be aware of this when you place your order.


How do I get a breast pump through my insurance plan?

When you place your order at , we contact your insurance company and initiate your claim.  We know you have enough to worry about so leave your breast pump order to us.  We are proud to have served tens of thousands of new moms and we would love to serve you too.

Which breast pumps do you supply?

Please see our order form for current product mix under your insurance company name. You can only select an in stock item when you order.

How long does it take to get my breast pump?

Once all documents are received and coverage has been verified, orders will be fulfilled.    If your insurance company requires a doctors order or Rx, please let you doctor know you have ordered a breast pump.    As soon as the Rx is received, your pump will be shipped out. 

Can I track my shipment? 

Yes. Your shipment tracking information will be available too by logging into   If your baby is in the NICU, faster shipping times are available. Once your breast pump is shipped you should receive an email with a tracking number.  If you choose the Rumble Tuff pump then it may take a few days for you to receive the tracking number after shipment. 


How will my pump be delivered?


We ship you pump in a protective carton by Fed Ex ground or UPS ground.


If I need to speak to a representative, where can I call?


You are welcome to call or email us.   

Our email is

Please add your name and order number in the subject line.

Lucina Toll Free customer service. 1-888-809-9750.


If I need to return my pump, who can I talk to?


Return labels are supplied for rental breast pumps. If you have misplaced your label please email us at  Purchased breast pumps are non-returnable .If your pump is defective and still under warrantee, please contact the manufacturer.   Manufacturer Customer Service numbers are available – see your pump’s information section at 


 Can I buy additional parts or supplies?


Additional kits or replacement parts are available in the “shop” section of our site. Sorry, but they are not covered by your insurance.  


What is the assignment of benefits checkbox for?


As a Durable Medical Equipment supplier, we need to bill your insurance company for your breast pump order or "benefit". By checking this box, you are acknowledging that we have permission to bill your insurance company for the order you have placed.   If your benefits are discontinued or you become ineligible, you are acknowledging that you are responsible for any balance due. 


Why do my pumping results change when switching from one type of pump to another?


This is a very common reaction when switching between pump brands. Keep your regular schedule of pumping and your result will improve over three to four days of using your new pump.


If my pump needs service during the warranty period, what do I do?

If you have a Melodi or Melodi One  breast pump,   please contact us via email at  and we will arrange to service your pump.   All other brands please contact the manufacturer’s customer service number for assistance. 


Hygeia Enjoye      1-714-515-7571 x1          

Phillips Avent       1-800-542-8368

Lansinoh Affinity  1-800-292-4794                        

Rumble Tuff         1-855-228-8388 

NUK USA             1-888-NUK-1238


I have Tricare Insurance. How may I order a purchase pump through my insurance?

Tricare only covers rental hospital grade breast pump for NICU babies. Unfortunately, they do not cover any purchase pumps.

I have Tricare Insurance and want to order a rental pump through my insurance?

Once your order is placed online and you have uploaded or faxed us a prescription or doctor’s note saying baby in NICU, we will get an authorization through Tricare insurance for rental hospital grade breast pump. Tricare usually approves the authorization for 4 to 6 months after which you would either have to return the pump or pay for the remaining balance. If you delay in returning the pump after authorization period has ended then it will result in continued billing and you would be responsible for the payment.

What is the status of my order?

Once we start processing the order, it will be marked “In Process”, after eligibility verification, your status should be changed to “Coverage Approved”. If we do not have received the prescription then we will request it and the status should say “Rx Request Sent”. After which your status will be changed to “shipped”.  Please log in to your account on to check your status.  And if you have any questions you can Chat with a highly knowledgeable agent on the site itself.