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Know More About Ordering Breast Pumps Through ATENA Insurance

What do I do If I am with AETNA?

Lucina Care is an “in network, Preferred Provider” for Aetna insurance. If you are an Aetna member and have Breast Pump coverage listed on your plan then we will provide a breast pump for you. Most members are 100% covered through Aetna.

1- Please click on the 'Place an Insurance Order'  image on the homepage of and follow the instructions to complete the form or click on the link below

Order Now

 2- The pumps we are currently offering for AETNA members are the following:

  • Hygeia Enjoye 
  • Phillips Avent Comfort
  • Lansinoh Signature Pro double electric breast pump
  • Melodi Advanced double electric breast pump
  • Melodi Prime
  • Spectra 9 Plus
  • Spectra S2
  • Spectra S1
  • Rumble Tuff double electric breast pump
  • Freemie Deluxe Breast Pump

Please check the product list on our online order form, selections are subject to change.

3- Fill out all of the information, pertaining to yourself (mom) and your new baby and be sure to leave the best contact       information for us to reach you. 

4- Please read and acknowledge the Assignment of Benefits statement by checking the box at the end of the order form to complete your order.

5- We will contact you by email very shortly to confirm the receipt of your order 

If your baby is in NICU, please check “hospitalized baby” on the order form.  We place high priority on these orders.

Could you please note:

The window for all AETNA members to file a claim is as follows: You may place the order any time during your pregnancy and for twelve months thereafter.