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NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pads

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NUK® Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads are more absorbent than the leading nursing pads, with multi-layer protection to lock in leaks.


NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pads - 50 Count

NUK offers a full line of nursing pads at a more affordable price, with the right protection for every new mother's needs. NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pads are super thin and discreet, with extra soft breathable layers to provide protection against leaks and stains. These pads are ideal for everyday use, especially when you want to wear a less bulky pad.

Extra Soft and Breathable
NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pads have a soft to the skin layer designed for extra comfort during use. The pads also draw moisture away from your skin and into the pad, to help reduce irritation.

Super Thin and Discreet
You can feel more confident wearing a thinner nursing pad under most clothing. The NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pad is more discreet than the other NUK Nursing Pads.

"Moderate" Absorbency
The full line of NUK Nursing Pads offers the right protection for every mom's needs. The Ultra Thin Nursing Pads are designed for "Moderate" absorbency, with a soft inner lining that provides protection against light leakage.

  • Available in 66 ct

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