Melodi Prime


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Melodi Prime Breast Pump

The Melodi Prime breast pump is exclusively designed for comfortable pumping anywhere, anytime and offers the reliability you desire. It is small, lightweight and effective.

it is a single user pump with the power of a multi user pump. This pump has the same suction levels as the hospital grade pump. It can be powered by either a power cord or batteries, which is very convenient for mothers who are working, going to school, or traveling. This is a closed system pump, it is FDA approved and very hygienic.The tubing will never have to be replaced on this pump and will never have any condensation in it. The pump will be coming with a tote bag and will be about a pound and a half and easily transported. 

Closed System

Melodi breast pump and the breast shield set is able to successfully prevent back flow of the milk. The tubing will never have to be replaced on this pump and will never have any condensation in it. 

Tote Bag

This is the only DME breast pump through insurance that includes a tote bag. 

SS Technology

SS technology is installed into the breast pump, meaning that the pump does not constantly tug the mothers breast but instead has a pause every six sucks.  This technology is used because let down of milk occurs when the baby is taking a breath or pauses to swallow.  Having this pause is creating a natural environment for the breast and allowing it to be more successful.  In observational studies, mothers are producing 20-25% more milk with this technology.  


It operates with 4 AA size batteries and it also comes with a power adapter.

LCD Screen

The Melodi Prime breast pump is designed to be single patient use device. It consists of a LCD display that allows the user to see the current settings of the device.

Single and Double Pumping

The breast pump allows single and double pumping. The suction hose connections are independent of each other.


The pressure level and cycles per minute remain consistent throughout the bench test and shows a constant and uniform behavior.


This device was tested for more than 72 hours without any problems or errors. 

Shabbat Mode

There is a Shabbat mode installed in the pump, which for the Jewish community is very important.  As long as the pump is fully charged, it can be programmed for on the Jewish Sabbath day to turn on by itself every three hours for a period of thirty minutes.  For those who do not understand why this is important, during the Sabbath Jewish followers are not supposed to turn on anything electric, so this pump will do that for them. 

Spectra 9 Plus Breast Pump


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The Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra S9 Plus breast pump is for moms wanting complete portability and flexibility so they can pump how they like, when they like and where they like!

Single and Double Pumping

The Spectra 9 Plus has a nozzle for each milk collection kit, making it easy to swap from single to double pumping. Just attach a milk collection kit to both nozzles if you will be double pumping, or if you only want to single pump, you can just close off the second nozzle.

Letdown Mode

Two Phase system-let down (message) and expression modesSwitch with a touch to the letdown mode, which is a light, quick mode designed to speed the start of milkflow, just the way a baby does.

 Easy Adjustment of Cycle Speed & Suction Strength

Touch button controls allow you to adjust suction strength and cycle with one touch. As you increase the suction, the speed will slow down.

Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

Use your Spectra S9 Plus while plugged into mains, or just use it wherever you like from its inbuilt rechargeable battery.

LCD Display

Youu can easily see where you’re at with vacuum and cycle settings.

There’s a battery indicator so you know how much charge you have left on the battery AND there’s a timer so you can keep track of how long you’ve been expressing.

The Spectra S9 Plus is the most portable pump

Lightweight and slimline, it will slip easily into your handbag. If you are a busy mom running around after kids or needing to pump on the go, then you will love being able to hang the Spectra 9 Plus from your wrist or around your neck and pump on the run!

Closed System

Like all Spectra breast pumps, the Spectra 9 Plus has a closed system, which means that there is no way for milk to get into the pump motor. Milk particles in the pump motor can lead to the growth of mold and is a potential source of virus transmission.

Technical Specifications 

  • Weight less than 1 pound
  • 1 year warranty 
  • Maximum suction of 300 mmHg
  • BPA/ DEHP Double collection Kit includes:
  • Standard 24 mm size flanges
  • 2 tubing
  • 2 hygienic backflow protectors
  • 2 silicone duck bill valves
  • 2 wide neck collection bottles
  • 2 collection bottle caps
  • 2 slow flow nipples
  • LCD Lit Screen and Timer

Spectra S2 Plus Hospital Grade Breast Pump


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Spectra S2 Double Electric Breast Pump

Spectra S2 Breast Pump boasts so many great features and is designed to truly meet the needs of moms wanting to feel confident that they have an effective, powerful breast pump to support supply while also incorporating features to make life a little easier. Like all Spectra pumps, the Spectra S2 Breast Pump is a closed system - a physical barrier between the milk and the pump ensures hygiene and motor performance.

Spectra S2 Breast Pump is intended to rival ANY and ALL  other hospital grade breast pumps, and even surpass them with some of its innovative features designed to make life easier for moms. With a maximum suction strength of 300mmHg and the ability to be used as a single or double pump, plus a host of additional features, the Spectra S2 Plus Breast Pump is set to become the ultimate breast pump to support U.S. moms. Completely flexible, touch button,with the S2 pump's digital controls. These allow you to set the pumping program to the speed and rhythm most effective for your body. The pump has 'massage mode', a short, shallow mode designed to stimulate mom’s letdown reflex (start the milk flowing).

The pump can then be switched to expression mode, a deeper, slower pattern of suction which mimics how a baby nurses when the milk is flowing. For women who find it hard to get a letdown when pumping, this feature really helps - switch back and forth as needed. The suction is adjustable in both let-down and expression mode! Includes a timer and nightlight. This pump is also really quiet!! Ideal for rental or retail use.



Backflow Protection

  • Helps protect breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping.
  • Keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping.
  • No need to clean the narrow tubing.

Customize Your Pumping Experience


  • 2 Phase Cycling with Let-Down Button. Completely Adjustable Suction  and Cycling in let-down and expression mode.
  • Each mother can customize her pump’s settings to her own body’s response and follow her flow to find her own best settings every time.


The Spectra S2 technology makes it possible for a mother to keep the pump set on her maximum comfortable suction level with minimal noise.

This comfortable and effective breast pump motor only weighs 4lbs! It is powered by an ac adapter.


Contents for Basic model:

  • Spectra S2 Hospital grade motor unit
  • 2 Phase System
  • Vacuum Rande 0-320mmHg
  • Cycle Length 30-46 RPM
  • Weiight- 4.1lbs
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Includes 24mm & 28mm Breast Flanges (2), Wide Neck Bottles, Discs, Locking Rings and Caps (2), Duckbill valves (2), Backflow protectors (2), Tubing (2), Power Cord & Adapter.

Freemie Freedom Deluxe Breast Pump


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The Freemie Freedom Deluxe Breast Pump Set is designed for hands-free single or double pumping and includes the electric Freedom pump with smoothly adjustable suction, two 8-oz concealable collection cups (16-oz capacity total), two breast funnel sets (25 mm and 28 mm), and one Freemie Freedom Connection Kit.


  • Freemie Freedom Electric Breast Pump with 64-inch integrated power cord (120-volt AC) (1)
  • Pump dimensions: 7.5 inches in diameter; 5.5 inches tall
  • Pump weight: 3 pounds, 2 ounces
  • Freemie Collection Cups (1 set of 2 cups)
  • Cup dimensions: 4.4 inches in diameter; 2.75 inches deep
  • Cup weight (empty): 2.5 ounces each; 5 ounces total
  • Cup capacity: 8 ounces each; 16 ounces total
  • 25 mm breast funnels (1 set of 2)
  • 28 mm breast funnels (1 set of 2)
  • Valve bases (2), valves (2), and spare valve (1)
  • Freemie Freedom Connection Kit (1) (also includes one spare filter; replace filters as needed; a soiled filter will reduce the pump's maximum suction level)

Ameda Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump Insurance


Finesse Breast Pump System with Dottie Tote

A premium single-user double electric pump with advancements to make mom’s journey better

• Long life with reliable performance through the life of the pump

• Quiet Technology– our quietest personal electric pump

• Mimics a multi-user hospital pump waveform in a personal pump

• Portable and light– motor weighs just one pound

• Designed for daily use

101A07 Contents Include:

  • Finesse Breast Pump
  • Dual HygieniKit® Milk Collection System with (2)
  • 25.0mm CustomFit™ Flanges, (2) 30.5mm CustomFit™
  • Flanges and (2) 28.5mm Inserts
  • (2) Extra Valves
  • Dottie Tote
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Cool’N Carry™ Tote with (3) Cooling Elements
  • and (4) Extra 4oz Bottles with Lock-Tight
  • Sealing Lids
  • Milk Storage Guidelines Card
  • NoShow Premium™ Disposable Nursing Pads
  • Sample Pack
  • Store’N Pour™ Milk Storage Bags Sample Pack

Medela Pump in Style Advanced® Starter Insurance


Pump in Style Advanced® Starter Set Details

From the #1 recommended breast pump brand*, the award-winning Pump in Style has been the first choice of millions of moms for more than two decades.  Designed for moms who pump several times a day, Medela’s breast pumps work more like breastfeeding babies to deliver the milk you need to provide for your baby even when you’re not there.

Medela's Pump in Style Advanced® Starter Set delivers effective pumping in a modular solution.  Offering trusted, research based performance with 2-Phase Expression® Technology in a streamlined format customizable to mom's changing lifestyle.

ML101035077 Contents Include:

  • 1, Pump In Style Breast Pump
  • 1, battery pack (8AA not included)
  • 2, 24 mm and 27 mm PersonalFit™ breast shields 
  • 2, breast shield connectors 
  • 2, Valves & Membranes 
  • 2, 5 oz breastmilk bottles with lids
  • 1, complete tubing 
  • 1, power adaptor
  • 1, instructions for use

 Unite Weight

• Unit Weight: 4.68

• Unit Size/Packaging: 9.25” x 7.5” x 8.5”

Medela reserves the right to substitute any component or accessory with a replacement of equivalent performance. Content appearance may vary from pictured.

Melodi One Advanced Breast Pump


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The Melodi One


Compact size and mobility – store multiple pumps in a fraction of the space in all units; the Melodi can be set on a surface, attached to an IV pole, mounted to a rolling stand, or attached to a bed Lucina Care is proud to present the Melodi One  Breast Pump. This is truly an innovative product created to provide superior support to breastfeeding mothers and lactation professionals in all settings. It is the next generation of breast pumps.  The Melodi One Breast pump features the following technology breakthroughs:

  • SS logic software- the first to truly mimic a baby’s sucking pattern. Our program uses two phases as well as a simulation of the swallow and breathing pause present during breastfeeding. This pattern may facilitate additional let downs and overall breast milk volume.
  • Closed Systemframe.
  • Long life battery- allows for a full day’s use. Supports  four - 30 minute sessions without access to a power source.
  • Smooth, sealed case makes cleaning pumps quick and efficient.
  • Built in Shabbat Mode
  • LCD Screen shows timer, battery life, strength level, date, and mode.


Battery Life: 6 to 8  hour power retention, 2 consecutive running hours. 
Weight: 17 oz. Dimensions: width = 85 mm , height =155 mm , length =100 mm . 
Warranty: 1 year
Pressure range 80 - 250 mmHg, CPM range 40 - 62 CPM.
Two phase pumping.
Power Spec: 9 V, 1 A

Closed system pumping

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra


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The Purely Yours Ultra breastpump is a comfortable and effective breast pump. It includes the upscale and contemporary ultra suede and faux leather bag, discreetly storing all your pumping essentials. Easy-clean interior features pockets and dividers to keep you organized while on the go. The Ameda Purely Yours double electric breastpump is designed with mom in mind.

Features & Benefits of the Purely Yours Ultra include:

  • Proven airlock protection helps protect breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping
  • Independent Speed and Suction controls make it possible for mothers to achieve a multi-phase experience
  • Customizable pump settings to mom’s body’s response and follows her flow to find her own best settings every time
  • Independently adjustable controls to keep the pump set on mom’s maximum comfort suction level while varying the speed to more quickly trigger milk ejections
  • Lightweight motor only weighing 1 lb.
  • Conveniently powered by AC Adapter (included), batteries (not included)
  • Easy-clean interior features pockets and dividers to keep you organized while on the go

Included with the Purely Yours Ultra:

  • Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump motor unit
  • Dual HygieniKit® Milk Collection System includes:  (2) 25.0mm breast flanges, (2) diaphragms, (4) valves, (2) tubing, (2) adapter caps, (1) white connector for single or dual pumping
  • Ultra Suede/Faux Leather Stylish Tote
  • CustomFitTM Breast Flanges, (2) 30.5mm flanges and (2) 28.5mm reducing inserts
  • Cool‘N Carry™ Tote: (1) insulated carry bag, (6) 4 oz. bottles with lock-tight lids, (3) cooling elements, Milk Storage Guidelines card
  • NoShow Premium™ Disposable Nursing Pads 2 pk Sample
  • Store‘N Pour™ Milk Storage Bags 2 pk Sample
  • AC power adapter
  • Instructions for Use