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The Lucinacare Insurance advantage

Breast Pumps Through Insurance - Qualify Now!

Breast Pumps Through Insurance

The Lucina Advantage.....  for breast pump insurance orders

We are in network national providers with the largest insurance plans in the country.    

Breast pumps are now covered by most insurance plans. Lucina is ready to to offer the best selection of brand name breastpumps available anywhere. Explore our store for specifications on each breastpump covered by your plan. All our pumps feature a closed system, BPA free double pumping kit and user manual. Choice, quality, convenience, advantages of ordering through Lucina.  

  • Select the highest quality breast pump for your specific needs
  • Select the best breast pump for working moms
  • Save your valuable time and money
  • Have your paper work completed by us for quick and easy coverage from your healthcare insurance provider

 If you have recently given birth or are very near to full term, we know that your time is very limited.  And so are your financial resources! The purchasing of baby cribs, diapers, newborn clothes, diapers, and a whole host of other infant care items can cost a great deal of money! When you purchase your breast pump and supplies from Lucina Care through your insurance program, you will save money. Your insurance company will provide a cap on the dollar amount that is always far less than the total cost that you would traditionally pay at any department store.


Get Help with your Insurance Paperwork!

New mothers have very little “down time”. Let Lucina Care help you complete the necessary forms that will be required to obtain coverage for your new breast pump and supplies!  We check with your insurance provider to make certain that you are covered under the Affordable Care Act and we promise to work diligently with your insurance company, providing you with the very best model that works for your individual needs.


We’ve Got you Covered!

Lucina Care has been supplying breast pumps under this new Affordable Care Act provision since January 2013 and as a result, we have already developed a professional working partnership with Aetna and POMCO insurance companies who provide coverage for breast pumps to ensure that these new policies for breast pump insurance take effect quickly and easily.



 As with every new law that comes into effect, things can change at a moment’s notice. While coverage for your breast pump is currently mandated by the Federal Government, changes could come down the road. Order your pump today!