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Lucina Has Great News for New Mothers!- Affordable Care Act Is Now In Effect

New Healthcare Coverage for Breast Pump Insurance!


Affordable Care Act Begins (ACA)

 Lucina Care is pleased to announce that the Affordable Care Act that was signed into law last year by President Obama and is already taking effect!  This is great news because this new law makes it mandatory for insurance companies to provide breast pump insurance for new mothers! 

 The benefits of breastfeeding to both the mother and her newborn infant have been well documented for many years by expert healthcare professionals.  Breast milk enhances the child’s immunity system, provides better nutritional value than baby formula, and even reduces the occurrences of diseases, such as childhood diabetes, asthma, respiratory infections, and even obesity.  Breastfeeding also helps the new mother to drop some of the excess pregnancy weight in a much faster period of time. 

 Lucina Care has always known the many benefits and advantages of breast milk, and now the insurance companies are required to provide assistance to new mothers by increasing your coverage to include breast pump insurance as an additional benefit!  In most cases, there will be no additional costs, co-payments, or deductibles to the family as well.

 In accordance with the ACA and your healthcare insurance provider, new mothers can now acquire a double electric breast pump and the necessary supplies through Lucina Care.  The below list of approved insurance companies have already agreed to partner with us to provide these valuable new services. 

 If your healthcare insurance provider is not already identified on the list below, contact us immediately to ask if you can use our services as an out-of-network provider for these new and necessary medical benefits!  It is also possible that you can get a financial reimbursement from your healthcare insurance provider by simply submitting a receipt from Lucina Care.  Breast pump insurance programs are currently covered be these following providers:

  • Aetna
  • Pomco

If your insurance company is not listed above, please call us.  We will contact your provider.