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Rumble Tuff Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Rumble Tuff Serene Express Duo Pump is a double electric breast pump combining the effectiveness of a hospital grade breast pump with the convenience of a portable pump.


The Rumble Tuff is a single patient use double electric breast pump. Ideal for frequent pumping. It is also capable of manual breast pumping.
It has 2 speeds and 8 suction levels. It is lightweight and easy to clean. The pumps main unit is user friendly with an LCD screen, buttons for power, expression settings and memory.

  • (1) Breast Pump Main Unit
  • (1) Expression Collection Double Kit; 26mm standard size flanges
  • (1) Extra 5 oz. Collection Bottle
  • (1) Manual Diaphragm Add-On Kit
  • (2) Bottle Adapter Kit
  • (1) 12V AC/DC Adapter
  • (1) Vacuum Tube with Adapter
  • (1) Spare Parts (Valve & O-Ring)
  • (1) User Instructions & Assembly
  • (1)simple tote bag.

Vacuum Strength
Single: 85 – 300 mmHg
Double: 85 – 250 mmHg

Suction Settings: 8
Speed Patterns: 3

Reflex Expression
Suction Levels: 85 – 185 mmHg
Cycles per Second: 1.67 – 1.13

Swift Expression
Suction Levels:
Cycles per Second:

Natural Expression
Suction Levels: 110 – 250 mmHg
Cycles per Second: 1.23 – 0.7

Power Supply
12V AC/DC Adapter
4 AA Alkaline Batteries
Manual Handle (included)

Pump: 11.2 oz (0.7 lb)
Accessories: 9.6 oz (0.6 lb)
Total: 20.8 oz (1.3 lb)


It has 3 speeds and 8 suction levels. The first pattern, reflex, is only 15 seconds and is similar the reflexes of a hungry baby when they latch on. This pattern transitions smoothly into the second expression pattern, swift, which is fast and shallow.

The third pattern, natural, is longer and deeper and most closely mimics how babies drain the milk from their mothers breast. Both of the swift and the natural expression patterns have up to eight suction levels for the mothers choice and comfort level. It is lightweight, easy to clean and easy to assemble. The pumps main unit is user friendly with an LCD screen, buttons for power, expression settings and memory and a roller for suction plus.

Price Without Insurance: $130