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Hygiea Enjoye Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Hygeia Enjoye Double Electric Breast Pump

The EnJoye™ is a powerful  personal-use, double electric breast pump that is designed for long-term and frequent pumping needs.

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EnJoye™ Breast Pump without Internal Battery

A boon for working mothers – The Hygeia Enjoye is a personal double electric breast pump that helps you pump breast milk and store it for your baby when you are out of home. The intelligent breast pump mimics your baby’s suckling patterns and customizes its speed accordingly. The pump parts that come in contact with the breast milk are free from BPA and DEHP. The pump requires electricity and weighs approximately 2.8 pounds for ease of carrying along while travelling. The manufacturer provides 1 year warrantee and a carry bag inside the pack.

Electric power required

Double kit and carry bag included

Adjustable speed and Suction

1 yr manufacturer warrantee


27mm standard breast shield

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2.8 lbs