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Gro- Anywhere Blind

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The portable blackout blind. Gro Anywhere Blind creates a dark sleep environment wherever you go. An adjustable blackout blind that sticks to your window with suction cups.

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Gro- Anywhere Blind

Product Description

Sleep tight no matter where! With the Gro-Anywhere Blind, it is possible to sleep sound even when you are away from home. The versatile Gro-Anywhere is a great companion for your kid as it gives a comfortable dark environment for sleep in unfamiliar places or where there is too much light. The constellation of stars on the polyester blind creates the perfect open night sky scene to let you into sleep peacefully. It folds into a portable travel bag (included) and can be carried along conveniently.

The Gro-Anywhere Blind comes in black moon and stars print with adjustable Velcro fastening that is simple to use and attaches to a window with suction cups. These can be used horizontally or vertically and fits most windows; however larger windows may require multiple blinds.

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1.7 pounds

11.8 x 9.2 x 3.1