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Rumble Tuff Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Rumble Tuff

The Rumble Tuff Serene Express Duo Pump is a double electric breast pump combining the effectiveness of a hospital grade breast pump with the convenience of a portable pump. 



The Serene Express Duo is a double electric breast pump. Its durability and dependability make this pump ideal for frequent pumping. We've combined the effectiveness of a hospital grade breast pump with the convenience of a portable pump.

It has 3 speeds and 8 suction levels. The first pattern, reflex, is only 15 seconds and is similar the reflexes of a hungry baby when they latch on. This pattern transitions smoothly into the second expression pattern, swift, which is fast and shallow.

The third pattern, natural, is longer and deeper and most closely mimics how babies drain the milk from their mothers breast. Both of the swift and the natural expression patterns have up to eight suction levels for the mothers choice and comfort level. It is lightweight, easy to clean and easy to assemble. The pumps main unit is user friendly with an LCD screen, buttons for power, expression settings and memory and a roller for suction plus.


The Rumble Tuff is a single patient use double electric breast pump.  Ideal for frequent pumping. It is also capable of manual breast pumping. 
It has 2 speeds and 8 suction levels. It is lightweight and easy to clean. The pumps main unit is user friendly with an LCD screen, buttons for power, expression settings and memory. 


(1) Breast Pump Main Unit; 
(1) Expression Collection Double Kit; 26mm standard size flanges
(1) Extra 5 oz. Collection Bottle; 
(1) Manual Diaphragm Add-On Kit; 
(2) Bottle Adapter Kit; 
(1) 12V AC/DC Adapter; 
(1) Vacuum Tube with Adapter; 
(1) Spare Parts (Valve & O-Ring); 
(1) User Instructions & Assembly;

(1)simple tote bag.



Vacuum Strength
Single: 85 – 300 mmHg
Double: 85 – 250 mmHg  

Suction Settings:  8
Speed Patterns: 3

Reflex Expression
Suction Levels:  85 – 185 mmHg  
Cycles per Second:  1.67 – 1.13

Swift Expression
Suction Levels: 
Cycles per Second:

Natural Expression
Suction Levels:  110 – 250 mmHg
Cycles per Second:  1.23 – 0.7

Power Supply
  • 12V AC/DC Adapter
  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Manual Handle (included)

Pump:  11.2 oz (0.7 lb)
Accessories:  9.6 oz (0.6 lb)
Total:  20.8 oz (1.3 lb)


















The Rumble Tuff design team focused on 7 key areas for addressing your breast pumping needs:-


Time is valuable to busy mom. Therefore, Rumble Tuff have put a high efficiency vacuum pump on all models. They also fine-tuned the programming to achieve a more effective vacuum power and time interval for both the Stimulation and Expression cycle.

Easy to Use

We have simplified the breast pump controls so you can easily access all the functions with a 1-or-2 easy steps. The memory functions replicates your favorite pumping pattern and allows your pumping cycle to be a relaxing and enjoyable experiences.

Comfort Level

Rumble Tuff understand that each user will respond differently to the preset power levels, so they've designed the Vacuum Adjustment Wheel to put comfort control back at your fingertips. The silicone shield also provides extra comfort for your engorged or sensitive breast.


Each of our breast pump come with carrying bag that includes a convenient milk storage compartment. To increase the portability of our breast pump, Rumble Tuff have also include a manual-pump diaphragm kit so you can express your breast milk manually when other power options are not available.

Lower Noise Level

To lower the noise without scarifying pump efficiency, Rumble Tuff have placed the motor at the bottom of the pumps for better balance. Better balance makes for less noise and a quieter motor which makes pumping discretely in your office or near your sleeping baby even more possible.

Quality Assurance

Rumble Tuff appreciate the trust you've placed in their products to benefits your precious baby. Rest assured, we use the best and the safest materials that we can find on everything that we produce, and test every breast pump before it leaves the factory.   30 day warantee.


Rumble Tuff know that pumping breast milk is a personal choice; whether it be work, travel or other inconveniences, it is still your choice. Therefore, Rumble Tuff designed their breast pump in a variety of sizes and power options so you can choose the one that best fits premium desktop size, a computerized program to individual adjustment options in our Rumble Tuff breast pumps, the choice is always yours.


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