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Essential's Plus Package

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Nuk Nipple Cream, 50 Nuk Breast Pads, 25 Nuk Milk Storage Bags, Breast Pump Bag, Philips Avent Bottle (4Oz)


While you learn the art of breastfeeding, we help you be readily equipped with the other breastfeeding essentials like nipple creams, breast pads and milk storage bags and feeding bottle. Our nipple creams are great soothers for your sore breasts as your little one would still require time to feed correctly without hurting you. The 50 breast pads available with this pack are comfortable to use and save you from those embarrassing leaks. We also include a breast pump bag in this package for mothers who express milk using a breast pump and a Philips Avent feeding bottle (4Oz) to have one in your purse for feeding the baby.

This discounted Essential’s Plus Package costs much less than individual purchase of the products included and is a must-have for every new, breast-feeding mother.

Please Note: This package does not include breast pump.